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BUSTERSOFT nor Buster Software ® SEND ANY unsolicited bulk Advertisement Email, (commonly known as "Spam" or "Junk Email"), never have, never will in fact, we have never sent ANY Advertisement Email, ever NOR do we compile lists* of email addresses, NOR do we sell, trade, or otherwise share Email addresses of our Customers (or anyone sending us email) with any other party, whatsoever, period!
        Additionally, you will never receive Email FROM US with a "sender address" ending with our Website Domain "@Bustersoft.com" we answer all Email from a totally separate Email Service, (but you will be able to immediately recognize that our response to your message is from us).
        If you receive Email from any sender ending in "@Bustersoft.com" it is a forgery, (meaning it did not come from Bustersoft.com), and may contain a Trojan or Macro-Virus.
        See our "Questions and Answers" section below for more information, or Click Here to See our "Virus Help" page for Free up-to-date Anti-Virus Software.
        *(The only exception to this is that we do keep off-line "Want Lists" of the Email Addresses of persons who have requested products which are not now, but may become available at some time in the future. These "Want Lists" are guarded as if our own future depended on their safety because we believe our Company's Good Name does depend on our using effective measures to protect the security of our Customers and Visitors!)

Questions and Answers:
Question: How could Email be sent from somewhere other than where it says it came from?
Answer: Usually, forged "Sender" addresses are chosen from known, trustworthy sources to add confidence to the recipient as to the validity of faked Email (i.e., to increase the chance it will be read). Here are actually 3 possible answers to the above question; in order of highest probability;
1 A "Trojan" sends itself randomly to and "from" email addresses it finds in any computer it has infected. Contrary to popular belief, these email addresses do not always have to be in the infected computer's "address Books" and many "Trojans" send randomly worded email, and completely without the knowledge of the infected computer's owner! (We have been called all sorts of names by people who just couldn't believe their computer had tried to send us a Virus So, don't just take our word for it, click here to see what a Leading Anti-Virus Software Producer says about the "KLEZ" Trojan.)
2   Unscrupulous Internet "Advertisers" who do not wish to be known or contacted often use forged "Sender" addresses in that "junk email" which fills up so many of our Email Inboxes every day (including ours). Most of these "rascals" simply use a fictitious "Sender" address (that doesn't exist), but the "grand rascals" of this bunch sometimes forge REAL Business Email Addresses to increase the chances that their Email will be read.
3   Someone you may or may not know, being "funny" or thinking it is fun to "do stuff" secretly. These can range from the "office jokester," the "family cut-up," someone who is jealous of you or the Company they pretend to be, or just the "neighborhood kid" who, before computers, would have called the local Grocery asking about "Prince Albert in a can." But now, "the neighborhood" is now infinitely larger than it was in the days of "Prince Albert" pranksters, and some of today's pranksters could care less about including a "payload" that would cause damage to some innocent person's computer.
Question: I recently got an Email from you (from Bustersoft.com) that had an attachment that didn't do anything or make any sense, but my Anti-Virus software didn't report a "Virus" or "Trojan" in it. How is that?
Answer: You did NOT receive that email from us! Here are 3 possible answers, in order of probability:
1 Your Anti-Virus Software is out-of-date, or it is not set for (or capable of) "real-time scanning." Our last Bi-Weekly Update of our Anti-Virus Software included detection for 60 new and 32 altered (existing) Viruses and Trojans! If your Anti-Virus Software has not been updated within the last month, your computer may not be able to detect dozens and dozens of new or altered "Viruses and Trojans" unlike Stores which "move" their oldest "stock" first, Newer Viruses and Trojans are the most likely to be found in your Email "basket" on any given day. (Update your Anti-Virus Software regularly, and make sure it is optioned for "Real-Time Scanning." Replace it if it cannot be updated or optioned for "Real-Time Scanning.")
2 Perhaps that particular Email was one sent by an "unscrupulous Bulk Email Advertiser" (or "junk emailer" mentioned above), and had no dangerous "payload" in it or its attachment. (These "benign" messages sometimes have "embedded-links" which will load a graphic or such from a particular Web site or page. And sometimes, a recipient's Email Address can be verified by such methods.)
3 Sometimes repeat sometimes a "Trojan" will send an email without its destructive "payload." Why or how this occurs is a matter of debate, but it is documented to occur sometimes.
Question: My Anti-Virus Software tells me that I have to pay for further Updates. Should I continue to use it as it is, pay for an update, or just disable it?
Answer: You should never use your computer without some protection, but your "old" Anti-Virus Software is virtually useless if it has not been updated recently. Whether you continue using your "old" Anti-Virus Software "as is," pay to update your existing Anti-Virus Software, buy a newer Anti-Virus Product, or switch to one of the high quality Free Products available is strictly your choice but, every day you delay making that choice is another day your computer, and every file in it, is at risk. (Click Here to See our "Virus Help" page for High Quality Free Anti-Virus Software).
Question: Why would someone [or something] use Bustersoft.com as a forged "Sender" address?
Answer: Who knows for sure?! People of every known (and probably several unknown) personality type(s), from almost every corner of almost every Nation, and with any imageable "cause," philosophy, political agenda, religion, or set of beliefs, have easy access to the Internet today. Some possible reasons might be:
1 Perhaps our "URL" was not chosen by a human, but at random by a self-propagating "Trojan" in the infected computer of someone who has sent us Email, or sent/received an Email to/from a third party with our email address (or website URL) in it, "bookmarked" or simply visited our website recently.
2 Perhaps it was chosen purely at random by an ill-advised person or persons who simply did not wish to reveal his or her true Email address for a variety of reasons.
3 Perhaps it might be chosen by a person or persons who wish to use our Good Name and reputation to further advance their own cause, be that to get their junk email read, or to trick the object of their email "joke," or even to more easily hoodwink someone they may or may not know into opening a dangerous Virus or Trojan, sent for whatever reason they might have.
4 And least likely, we hope and pray, is the possibility that someone might not appreciate where we live and conduct business (the United States the South), that we support our Nation, what we publish, what we offer Free to the World on our website including The Holy Bible in several Versions, or that we obviously are of the Christian faith.
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