Product Specifications and Ordering Information
for the BusterSoft ™
2002 CIA World Factbook CD

(see below for Maps of Afghanistan, Iraq and Bethlehem) 
The BusterSoft ™ 2003 CIA World Factbook CD contains the entire 2003 World Factbook as released by the U.S. CIA, with ALL statistics, flags, maps, and demographic information for ALL nations and territories—AND—ALL Global Region and Ocean Maps (on CD)—AND—an updated List of all Nations' Government Officials, Diplomats and Heads of State. Operates from CD, or easily Installs to your Computer's Hard Disk for even better performance. Requires Windows 98/Me/95* or newer.
*(Windows 95 users need MS® Internet Explorer 4 or later; Free at
(Note: Complete updated version of MS® Internet Explorer is included on ALL BusterSoft ™ CDs.)

Our BusterSoft ™ Factbook Program is ONE highly-compressed, space-saving executable file, and adds NO additional files to your computer's hard disk, even if installed on your hard drive.

Features Include: User variable text size (great for vision impaired), full print and "copy and paste" capability, Runs from CD or easily Installs on Hard Disk for even faster operation, 100% complete Uninstall (for Hard-Disk Installations), simple CD Menu and Program Navigation, and comes with our no-nonsense "Like-A-Book" User License!

All this, plus newer and less expensive than versions offered by the Government—$2 less than the latest (1998) CIA Factbook CD—and $68 less than the latest (2000) printed CIA Factbook available from the Government!

To assure that Shoppers receive the very latest information updates, we are accepting orders for the BusterSoft ™ 2003 CIA World Factbook CD by phone ONLY!

To place your order in time for Holiday delivery, call toll-free
1-800-598-7238 between 9am-9pm CST
and order the BusterSoft ™ 2002 CIA World Factbook CD
for only $14.95 plus $5 S&H
We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.
(Charges entered when merchandise is shipped)

Note: Standard shipping by Priority Mail, Fedex available upon request.

Click Here for map of Afghanistan
Click Here for map of Iraq
Click Here for map of Bethlehem

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